Thursday, March 8, 2012

F5 Bigip Traffic management shell commands i regulary use.

#Virtual server stats
tmsh show /ltm virtual-address all-properties

#F5 Bigip service status
bigstart status

#after cahnge of bigip.conf can reload the config via
bigpipe daol (for 10.2.x)
/usr/libexec/bigpipe daol (for 11.x)

#F5 Bigip Pool stats & Properties
tmsh show /ltm pool
tmsh list / ltm pool all-properties

#Printout system hardware information (Serial, Fanspeed,type etc)
tmsh show sys hardware

#Printout ltm virtual server configurations
tmsh list ltm virtual

#Vlan information and stats printout
tmsh show net vlan
tmsh list / net vlan all-properties

#Show Device Self ip adress &config.(including floating ips info)
tmsh list net self

#Very Detailed 700 line stats
tmsh show

Etc. It goes.  I love this unit.! Especially 11.1 HF2 all stable and running smootly with asm too.
Good system allocation and utilization when both ltm/asm works together at 11.1.x

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